Dear Daniel

Dear Daniel,
When I first found out about you… I first had a sneaking suspicion of your presence on February 18th 2010. I had talked to your Aunt Cait on the phone that day and told her something just felt a little off. I had to go to Bein pharmacy for some band aids before going to work at Shady Beach Supper Club so I just decided to pick up a pregnancy test too. When I was at work I had told my cute little friend Mackenzie Mears that I had picked up a test and she suggested I should just do it at work… I don’t think either of us thought it would be positive! Well it was a pretty slow night so sometime around 8 I think I snuck into the bathroom and gave it a whirl. Literally within about three seconds the test turned positive! My first thought was “Holy Cow!” I think I spent about five minutes in the bathroom just sitting there. When I came out Mackenzie was waiting in the doorway of the wait station and asked me, “Well?” I think just the look on my face told her everything because we ran into the back and ripped the pregnancy box test out of my purse to find the instruction manual to see if I could have done anything wrong… interestingly there are only explanations for false negatives, there is no section for false positives. So I called the doctor that Monday and scheduled an appointment with Dr. Nanci for St. Patricks day… March 17th. This would be the first time I ever got to see you. Aunt Cait and I sat there and waited for what seemed like forever. Then she came in and listened for your heartbeat, which she couldn’t find so we went into the ultrasound room to take a peak. That is when I first saw you. You looked like a little bean with tiny little nubs for arms and legs. I had no idea when you were conceived so they gave me a due date of October 14th-18th.

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