The Very First Post…EVER!

I’m not sure why I picked today, of all days, to start writing. Maybe because I’ve found some inner motivation, maybe it’s just because I have a few spare seconds (which doesn’t happen often), but mostly I think because I look at Daniel and see how much he’s grown in the last month…week… even day. I almost feel if I don’t catalogue our daily happenings my little memories will be lost forever with the passing of time. 
I am a little disappointed in myself I didn’t start doing this earlier. There are so many things I already can’t remember… like his first smile, the first time he said mama (his official first word)… not that he said it (or says it)  intentionally, the first time he had cereal or baby food. With each new blog I will try to recap some past memories until I can get caught up till present day.


One thought on “The Very First Post…EVER!

  1. Lovely blog! You’re off to a good start…but then with Darling Daniel for inspiration, you can’t go wrong! I started my blog when my dolly was 3 1/2 months old, but I went back to my pregnancy journals, back through old emails, and asked friends to help me remember things and dates. I wrote my first post in March 2010, but with notes about doctor’s appointments, the recollections of friends and my own memories, I was able to back date posts to my first suspicion of Jack. If you’re using blogger there’s a tab on the bottom next to “PUBLISH POST” that will allow you to date your post for any date. Hope this helps! Feel free to email me if you need any help!

    Daniel is adorable, Mama!

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