What I Woke Up To

Yesterday was a great day…overall (minus Daniel needing a bath two hours early because a poopy diaper that crept up his back, and me needing to scoop the remnants off his outfit with a spoon.)

Daniel and I woke up to a great start. He was a happy giggly boy all day. We started the day by finishing a quilt that I was making for his room.

He was a little counterproductive as a helper but we still manage to get things done. We were also able to bring his crib up to his new room too for a finished product (finally!).

By the time five rolled around Daniel and I were hanging out in the livingroom. It was one of those perfect late afternoons. Daniel started dozing off to the warmth of the sun creeping through the window. It was one of those times when the sun just hangs in the air and isn’t too dim or to bright…it’s just perfectly comfortable. That with the sound of the dryer in the background and the smell of coffee looming in the air put us both at easy. You know the things that make home “home”.

We had about fifteen minutes of this break before Daniel came upon a gut wrenching tummy ache (which was soon followed by the creeping poop). But by the end of the day I was rewarded with a couple of awesome gifts.

 Daniel getting some serious air with his bum. He’s been doing this for a couple days but he did exceptionally well today. Just one step closer to crawling. Yay! (I think.)

And video proof of his first and favorite word… can you really blame him?!

This along with ending the day with some homemade pudding really made it a great day.


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