Dear Daniel II

Dear Daniel,

The second time I ever got to see you was the day we found out you were going to be a boy. Your dad, Aunt Caity and I went to the Milbank hospital for your first ultrasound. There isn’t a doctor in Milbank that oversees ultrasounds so Dr. Wahl was on a video conference from Sioux Falls while a technician performed the actual ultrasound. I was a little concerned for awhile because the doctor was having trouble distinguishing between your different heart ventriciles, but she decided just to give you some more time to develop before worrying about it.

After getting all of your measurements out of the way we got to get a good look at you. The ultrasound tech took pictures of you and asked us if we wanted to know your sex. I obviously wanted to. He then moved the wand to where your legs were and said, “Ok. Here’s a leg…here’s a leg…and here’s another leg.” Your dad was so happy! He wanted you to be a boy so badly. He texted everyone in his phone right away “IT’S A BOY!”

 That was the last time I would get to see you before the level II ultrasound I had for your Down syndrome screening.


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