Wedding Bliss

This weekend Ryan, my mom, and I had to take a trip down toSaint Louis,MO for my good friends wedding. My childhood friend Tyler and his new wife Katie live there so everyone had to pack up and head south. It was actually a nice change to be in 85 degree weather instead of the 40-50 degree junk we’ve been having here. Summer can’t come soon enough. I am impatiently awaiting the arrival of leaves for the poor naked trees.

It ended up being one crazy trip! We had to stop in Minneapolis for some shopping along the way so we didn’t get to our first hotel in Iowa until 2 a.m.on Friday. By the time we got to Saint Louison Saturday we had just enough time to find our hotel and get changed…only our hotel was overbooked, so when we arrived we had NO ROOM! Yikes! So we drove around with only an hour till the wedding looking for a hotel. Finally we stopped at a gas station to ask where the nearest hotels were. We ended up getting a room at the Red Roof Inn. While getting out of the car Ryan realized he had left his wallet on top of the car when we were at the gas station! We ended up just throwing our dress clothes on and going back to the gas station before going to the church. Thankfully the man working there saw us drive away and the wallet fall off the car. What a wonderful man. He was actually going to go looking for us in the area of hotels he sent us to after he got done with work. There are still good people out there!


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