It’s raining, cats & dogs…not in that order.

Well at least we got one nice day in this week. Ryan, Daniel and I took advantage of the beautiful day we had this Wednesday by going on a walk and playing outside for a little bit. Unfortunately our one beautiful day has been followed by two of rain. I wanted to get a chance to put Daniel in the grass but it was totally bee infested so we opted for the driveway for some time to pet the kitty. Being the terrible mother I am, I accidentally sat his butt right on an ant hill. Thank goodness he only had one ant on him before I noticed!

After spending some time with the cat we went on a stroll over to Ryan’s parents house. Daniel is very good at falling asleep to anything rhythmic so he conked out as soon as we put him in the baby carrier (courtesy of Sarah and Craig).

When we got to Carrie and Jim’s house we had a few seconds to play with their dog Charlie (I think that one is Charlie anyway!).

When we were finished with our adventures outside we endend our day like we normally do…you know dishes, laundry, bedmaking. The normal life of a midwestern servant… I mean mom. Ha ha! We ended our night with Daniel’s evening therapy. We were working on sitting.


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