Duck, Duck, Turkey????

So, something I have been noticing the last couple days. For some reason all of the chickens have been hanging together while all of the ducks and turkeys keep each other in check. There may be some truth in the saying “birds of a feather flock together”!


More news on the farm from this morning:
After mixing up a batch up apple-peach baby food we spent some time playing with the kitty. Daniel doesn’t really know what to think about her but she definitely likes him. She’s always trying to lick his fingers or rub up against him. We even got some time to practice our sitting in the dandelions while the bees were away! It turns out a face-plant on the grass really isn’t that painful.  

And more news:
Yesterday Daniel and I made a trip up to Valley City, North Dakota to attend my sister’s graduation. It was excruciating. It was long especially with the drive, but Dan my man handled it like a trooper. It was fun getting to see Caitlyn, Mom, Uncle Edward and our old friend Miss Kelsey Larson. Unfortunately the lighting in the building was HORRIBLE so only a few pictures turned out decent.



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