This and That

The last couple days we have had perfect coffee, nap, pillow fight, become completely obsessed with the show ‘Jockeys’- weather.  

I’m thinking Daniel is also liking Jockeys by the way he flips himself all the way over in his bouncy chair just to watch it. We can thank his dad for teaching him that one. I know I’ve said this before, but I think it might be time to retire the darn thing…and I mean it this time!

With this weather Daniel and I really can’t wait until we get my mother’s day present (a new TV for the ‘master’ bedroom). Until then we will just have to settle with listening to our homemade “best of Norah Jones” CD while we lounge…and eventually make the bed.

There hasn’t been too much going on the last couple of days. Still working on the sitting. I got Dan to take his hands off the floor for a couple of seconds to reach for his cookie monster yesterday. Yay! On a complete side note: I will be so sad when the cute little Dr. Seuss outfit he’s wearing in these pictures doesn’t fit anymore. I love it.


We did, however, get a couple of minutes to plant about three potatoes when the sun snuck out a couple days ago. We didn’t spend too much time outside because my dad, Dan’s grandpa Dar got a little antsy.   



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