Introducing Millie!

This weekend one of Ryan’s cows gave birth to our first Angus Beef calf. We took some time to go over the the barn with Daniel to name her…we decided we’d go with Millie. She and DTM (Dan the man) hit it off right away. She was very sweet and didn’t mind Daniel hanging on her at all. I’m sure these two will grow to be great friends!


In other news: This Saturday I, along with some other members of my church, went down to Sioux Falls to serve at ‘the Banquet’. We have done this the last two years in May and it is a blast. It is nice spending time with members of our congregation and meeting new people from all walks of life. My sister Caitlyn and I were assigned to pour beverages. She had regular and chocolate milk and I had coffee and water.

The beverage pourers are definitely the coolest at this place…we get to sport these sweet aprons filled with salt, pepper, creamer and sugar to hand out. No need to mention I have had the honor of doing this job the last two consecutive years.


It was nice to get home after the two hour drive from Sioux Falls. My dad, brother and nephew were already over by the time I got there. My dad and brother worked on things while my nephew TJ tortured our cat. When he was starting to get on her nerves we took her away. TJ was not happy about that. He walked away from us and worked on his pout. It was too funny not to capture on film…or SD card. Notice all of the cat hair on his shirt!

It was a great day. The world didn’t end, so that is awesome in itself. Daniel went to bed early so I got to wind down with a glass of wine and a bad 80’s movie (two of my favorite things!) with this view… it just couldn’t be beat.


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