Name That Tune…I Mean Goat!

We have had such a busy few days! On Tuesday we celebrated my sister passing her test for her teaching license. It wasn’t much of a celebration being it was last minute. My dad and Caitlyn came over and we had a bit of champagne while we watched Dumb and Dumber.

The next day Caitlyn and I took Daniel to his first real doctor appointment in Watertown. He did great! Unfortunately the Dr. and I didn’t share the same views on certain things so I don’t think we will be going back to him. Fortunately we all had a fun time in Watertown. Between some photobooth fun and losing Dan’s bottle half way through the trip, it was a wild day!

Thursday was full of fixing up our new stroller, baking monster cookies, making salsa, making a trip to Runnings for things to make our goat fence and a ‘toy bucket’ for Daniel’s room… and trying to get caught up on the laundry–that still isn’t done yet.

Friday we went to pick up our new goats. It was no picnic in the pouring rain. We ended up getting one billy, who we named Billy, a little girl who we named Darla and a pregnant momma who we couldn’t decide on a name for. This is where you guys come in. We will name the goat whatever gets the most votes on the poll at the bottom of this post!

This morning Daniel and I went to water the chickens/ducks/turkeys and check on the goats and we were greeted by about six or seven HUGE gardener snakes by the barn door. We ended up waiting until Ryan got home so we could have him scare them away from the door. 

Here are Billy (black and white) and Darla (brown and white). They are both a little skeptical of us still. I couldn’t even get close enough to take a decent picture!
And here is ?????. She is such a sweet mama. She is literally like a big dog. She followed us around the whole time. She even tried following us back up to the house.

—–> And yes. Those are snowmen on Dan’s PJs. We make use of all our hand-me-downs….even if they aren’t in season!

(Sorry the poll isn’t showing up automatically. You’ll have to go through the link below)   😦


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