And The Winner Is…..

Alice. With 44 percent of all the votes, Alice took the lead and will be the name of our new goat! If your vote didn’t win, who knows maybe we’ll have another poll for her babies that are on the way?!

In other farm news…it is definitely kitten season. It is so strange to see the chemistry that goes on between the cats and the cows. One of the cats actually had her kittens right where all of the cows eat. The cows occasionally stick their head through the pens to massage the cats by gnawing on their back. It is very strange.

Daniel seems to like the kittens too.

With this nice WARM (93 degree) weather we’ve been having it’s been nice getting out to relax a little on the farm and in the pool. Our friend Mackenzie was generous enough to let us crash her pool.


4 thoughts on “And The Winner Is…..

  1. Oh my god…he’s so cute. Ps-I’m a little disappointed you didn’t name your goat vanillee…then you could have millie and vanillie…No kudos to you

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