These ARE Fertile Grounds!

Our Culligan man said it best when he mentioned one day when I was very pregnant with fifteen kitten running around, “These must be fertile grounds!” He was so right. We now have more babies! And they are not of the usual farm type like our baby cows, goats, kitties or even birds. They are baby SKUNKS!

A couple days ago I was making the bed when Ryan started making a huge commotion down stairs. “Honey, get down here! You need to see this! Hurry!” I flew down the stairs and into the bathroom. Outside the bathroom window we watched six little skunks merrily at play…without their mother (thank goodness). I took a couple of videos because the pictures I took did not do them justice.

Ryan ended up catching them for our vet Rachel who is going to try to de-skunk them (or whatever you would call it?). Unfortunately, something got misted (I say misted because it didn’t carry the potency of a full-blown skunk spray) and our porch still smells ghastly. I was under the assumption that baby skunks couldn’t spray. It may not have been a great idea to get within inches of them.

On a different note, the birds seem to be doing exceptionally well. We picked the ducks up a kiddy pool when we were at Menards the other day, and they are loving it. The turkeys are getting monsterous. They are actually the most social of our birds and seem the least timid. And the chickens….are still chickens.

Millie update:
Millie is doing great. We took Dan over to see her the other day. We thought it would be cute to get a picture of him in her empty water bucket. He had a good time until she started licking his back. His pictures were much better without the bucket and Millie.

Future Photographers and Wine Snobs:
Friday night was filled with family fun when my dad, Catilyn and my nephew TJ came over. We had a blast watching swamp people. Daniel expressed his future plans of becoming a major wine connoisseur while TJ showed off his interest in photography. Daniel had a ball slobbering all over my wine glass. The pictures are hilarious. To me, he looks like one of those sloppy drunk college girls at a frat party (minus the drool of course). It’s amazing how drunk he looks after having no alcohol.

Here are a couple sample pictures of TJ’s work. He is definitely a talented photographer. He has the “say cheese” thing down! He did an excellent job capturing the essence of my sister and dad.


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