Father’s Day Fun for Everyone!!!!

I hope everyone enjoyed their Father’s Day. I know we did! We went over to my grandma’s house after church to meet up with family and had an awesome time. All of the kids in the family, including Daniel, had a blast.

My grandma has a box of toys that have literally gone through generations (some are over 35 years old). It’s usually the first thing all of the kids go for right when they get to Grams…Dan is following right in line with that tradition.

After so many years there are some interesting toys. There are a pair of old goggles that my nephew TJ loves to wear. We even got Ryan to try them on.

Ryan falls asleep in my grandpa’s chair almost every time we go over to my grandma’s. We usually try to do a little something to torture him. This time he got stuck with all the dolls in his lap. He looks like quite the ladies man.
Lately we have been working with Daniel to get him sitting by himself while lifting his hands off the floor. He has been doing a great job! He has even been picking up toys with both hands. He even holds his bottle all by himself now. 

Unfortunately, I have to end this post on some not so good news. A few days ago one of our ducks, one of the turkeys and a couple of chickens died.  😦 Something got into them and left them scattered all over the yard. I feel so badly for the poor widowed yellow duck and the other turkey. They seem so lonely now. We are looking for replacements ducks and turkeys for them. Here is the last time I saw my favorite duck (the black one) and a couple of the other birds. They were chasing one of the remaining baby skunks around the yard.


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