Born On The 4th of July!!!

BREAKING NEWS!!: Alice welcomed two little babies into the world a couple hours ago. They are adorable, of course. I will be putting up pictures as soon as I have the chance!

In other not-so-new news: This weekend was full of firsts. While shopping for our camping trip, Daniel got his first ride in a shopping cart without a car seat. What a big boy! I was so excited for this moment until I realized I lost the designated spot for my purse.

We spent this weekend camping with some family. My dad always puts such effort into arranging things for our camping trip. This year he had the genius idea of having “air mattresses”. Unfortunately, his idea of an air mattress is a $2.99 water raft from Alco. He was very proud of his ingenuity. You go, Dad!

Needless to say, this was Daniel’s very first time camping. It was mostly a good weekend. He had a blast, but didn’t do well with sleeping. He was over-tired by the time we got home last night. Three days of no naps and barely any sleep on a hard ground equals one crabby baby AND momma. Daniel always has a blast playing with his little cousins…no wonder he didn’t want to nap.

Daniel was loving all the blow up water toys this weekend…regardless of the fact they weren’t in the water. He especially loved a blow up dolphin that our cousins brought. He would hold on to the flipper while chewing on the tip of it.

Daniel also got his very first “sit” in a park swing. I can’t say he actually swung because he would have flopped all over. He was still too small to fill the darn thing out.

Overall, I would say Dan and my Dad had the best weekend. Life was good for these two BFFs.


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