Babies to Bugs

Two days ago our Momma Kitty had yet another batch of kittens. There seem to be 4 or 5 of them. It’s always hard to tell with her, she usually stashes a couple in different spots.
I have yet to pick them up. Last year I was unpleasantly surprised when I touched one of the shriveled umbilical cords hanging from their bellies. This event made me terrified of having Daniel because I was afraid of what his little nub of cord would look like. It was very silly, I know.

The Momma Kitty bounced back fabulously. She is back to her old self, hanging out by the front door and torturing Dan. She loves to mother him. He, however, does not always care to have his toes cleaned by her.

This last weekend DTM and I made a trip to Little Rock, Iowa to see our good friends Ashley and Nate in their stellar vintage 1970’s house. They are due to have their first baby the same day Dan was SUPPOSED to be born last year (October 14th). I let Ashley and Nate get plenty of practice with Daniel.

One thing I loved (and hated) was all the fireflies. I have never seen so many in my entire life. They were just everywhere. I was able to catch some of them on video, but this doesn’t come close to the magnitude you would have seen in person. I was loving this experience until one flew up my leg into my pants. It lit my pajama pants up like a jack-o-lantern. This, of course, forced me to rip my pants off in front of the whole neighborhood. I must say it is a very good thing my post baby underwear are the same as my pre baby panties.

 On the way home from Iowa, Daniel and I had our first visit to Sam’s Club. It’s amazing how fast you can spend 200 dollars in that place. We justified our purchases on the great deal we got on lunch. I was pleasantly pleased to find IT IS possible to spend less than five dollars on a meal….even if it was just on a pretzel with cheese and a soda. Dan was happy to have his mom-made peach banana baby food.

We also stopped at TJ Maxx, because what is a trip to Sioux Falls without it? This was my first visit alone with Daniel to my very favorite store. It almost proved impossible until… I left him in one of the only open spots and soon noticed there was no screaming or cookie monster “yum”s. And as most mother’s think when there is a strange silence, I thought ‘ok, what is wrong. Did someone take him? Did he stop breathing?’ I popped my head around the rack of dresses to find Daniel schmoozing himself in the mirror.

After all our adventures it was great to be back home.


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