Sunday Insomniac

It seems that I am suffering from a bout of insomnia lately. I know that 11:30ish at night doesn’t seem late to most people, but to me it is crazy late! I think I would feel less bad about not sleeping if I could be more productive. Right now I’m sitting on the couch half-way listening to episode 14 of season 2 of the twilight zone while I feverishly stuff about five wheat thins in my mouth between each sentence. Of course I also glance longingly at my water on the end table about five feet away every other minute thinking ‘ok…now how can I reach that without actually getting up’.

I might as well re-cap the weekend for everyone while I sit up sleepless.
On Friday we went to a lobster feed hosted by our friend Karen. It was nice getting to hang out and have half a dozen people pass Dan around. He loves the attention, and I hate to say it but sometimes it’s nice having a break too.

We also spent some time checking on the kitties in this horrid heat. I thought it would be cute to get a couple pictures of a kitten with Daniel. I set the kitten on him and bent down to get the camera. By the time I stood up he had the kitten’s whole head in his mouth. I know that he puts about everything in his mouth but this crossed the line! I don’t know who I feel more sorry for; Daniel for having the dirty, germy kitten in his mouth, or the poor soggy kitten who got his head chewed on by a baby.

I have to end this post with some sad news L. Our last turkey died of heat exhaustion the other day. He was fine in the morning and by the end of the day he had tucked himself in a corner and passed. Poor fella.

We also were lucky enough to catch some baby deer right next to our front door.



2 thoughts on “Sunday Insomniac

    • I just busted out laughing! and then Khaylin and Kenlee wanted to know what was so funny so I had to read them the post about daniel and the soggy kitten! hahaha! whit! you have such a talent for descriptive writing! 🙂

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