Twenty Year Tradition

This last weekend our extended family took our annual trip to Aberdeen, South Dakota. It was a fun filled weekend of finding treasures at pawn shops, swimming, pizza, Storybook Land, bowling and Saturday night at Shenanigans.

It was drastically different this year from the last. The two youngest members of our family, TJ and Dawson, were finally able to enjoy Storybook Land minus strollers. We were also accompanied by Daniel this year; last year I was seven months pregnant and I must say it was a much easier trip than this year.

We started our trip at a couple pawn shops. Unfortunately, we left treasure-less; however, we did have fun playing with a few random things. The last couple of years they have had a prosthetic leg (someone must have been pretty hard up to pawn a limb). This year Daniel got some pony practice in.

After our treasure hunt everyone took a dip in the pool. Daniel didn’t enjoy swimming as much as a bath, but it was still a good time.

After swimming always comes supper and movies. As far as tradition goes, we always order Pizza Hut for supper….but I always find it hard to resist Qdoba if there is one near by, so a few of us opted for that. I’m not sure what we were watching at the time but whatever it was Dan found it both hilarious and amusing.

The next day we were off to the land of Oz. I got very few pictures of DTM because he mostly slept and wasn’t really thrilled with all of the attractions, so my dad made me take a picture of him in the stroller next to a pig from “the three little pigs”. My dad looks more excited in this picture than Daniel.

The rest of these pictures are a cornacopia taken from the same park.

This year was a first for the not-so merry go round for Dan and I. He didn’t seem to mind it, but I got a terrible case of vertigo and will probably not go on a ride ever again.
Ryan was a little disappointed that I made him sit on an animal that was stationary if he were to be holding baby.

Even though Daniel didn’t get to ride on a horse during the whole ride, Ryan insisted we get a picture of him on one.

Other ride pictures…..

Farm news: Everything is basically the same. Except we are down to three kittens 😦 the runt passed away a couple days ago. The kittens do have their eyes open now and are adorable! I will put pictures up in the next day or so.



One thought on “Twenty Year Tradition

  1. Whitney I just love your blogs you do a great job. Looks like you guys had fun, wow 20 years that is great. Keep it going!!

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