Against the Grain

Sometimes I feel like I’m going against the grain, swimming upstream, dancing to my own beat of the drum. So what if I think reincarnation is an idea worth entertaining. Who cares if I am completely frugal and hate spending a dime on anything. Or that I used to think a giant cloud covered our nation, so if it were raining in Phoenix I would call my dad in South Dakota to see if it were snowing there (even in the summer). I like things that are different from the ordinary. I think houses with straight lines that are decorated in black, white, and red are painful to look at. I LOVE finding things in thrift stores, antique markets, pawn shops, and garage sales. I think if they can be cleaned up and are lightly used they are even better than new. 

I buy all my books used online. I have hundreds and hundreds. I would read two books a week before I had Dan. I love the history of the book even more than the price. Each time I receive a book in the mail I love to fantasize about where it’s been, who it’s touched, what the person felt when they read it.

Because of all of these things I am making a pledge to buy only used things for the next year (other than food and personal hygiene items, of course). I am sorry to friends and family who I need to get gifts for. You can expect antiques or handmade items for presents this next year….which I think are even better anyway!  

I will keep everyone updated on my great finds and hopefully inspire at least one person to change their lifestyle for the best. My first ‘great find’ is a vintage-ish chair I got from our local consignment store. It is awesome! It is so comfy. It really looks like it’s never been used….and the best part…it was only 25 dollars!!! The chair is pictured next to a night stand I got from a local antique store for $55.

Daniel update: Dan is working very hard on a tooth. If you put your finger in his mouth you can feel a sharp little point where one wants to pop through. He is also starting to move his hands while in a four-point position, so crawling is definitely on the horizon. He also goes from his the same position to sitting in .2 seconds…and he can do it more than once in a matter of minutes! Way to go DTM!


Here are some new pictures of Dan and the kittens taken yesterday. They are all girls!

Billy also enjoys the kittens.

Hope everyone is having a stellar weekend!



4 thoughts on “Against the Grain

  1. Whitney I love that chair!!! What a great find some weekend we should go to Litchfield they have some great shops that would be fun.

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