Birthday Bashes and All Nighters

After being up with Daniel on and off all night this is going to be a short one. Saturday afternoon was spent at Jack and Jill park with friends for a birthday. Calvin turned five and it was some event.

Daniel got to spend some quality time with his new friend Sawyer. Sawyer is a month younger than Dan. They were fast friends…minus the slapping and hair pulling. Daniel did sneak in for a kiss at the end of the party though. I wish I could have caught that on camera.










I’ve Created a Monster

The last few days have been interesting to say the least. Daniel has the crawling business down, and I have very mixed emotions about it. On one hand I am pumped and ecstatic that he has reached this huge milestone. On the other hand I’m nervous and a little sad my baby is growing up so fast. I had my first wakeup call when I was busy in the kitchen with dishes and Daniel went missing. I felt my heart in my throat and my face redden. I ran into the next room and found him sitting next to one of Ryan’s plants….it was snapped in half.

Static hair from crawling around on the carpet.


This week we have been trying to acclimate the kittens to the house. (Great timing considering we will be gone for a whole week soon). Not an easy job with a curious, loud baby. He screams and squeals at them and they run trembling. I have dreams Daniel and one of the kitties will be great friends one day. I have visions of them snuggling at nap time.

Yesterday allowed for a walk through town (while Ryan shopped for groceries the grocery store is way too cold for me and DTM). It was lovely. It reminded me of everything I love about town. My dad lives on the best street. It is lined with huge trees that touch in the middle of the road. I love walking down fifth street around six or seven in the evening. Families are together and you can hear them through the windows. The smell of supper lingers in the air as you walk by, 90 percent of the time someone is barbecuing. You can hear the meat sizzle along with children laughing and screaming…the sense of camaraderie is amazing on fifth street this time of year.

We also were able to whip up a batch of fire-roasted salsa yesterday from our garden goodies. (Thanks to Ryan’s mom Carrie and Sister Raeann). I definitely need to work on my green thumb for next year.

Time to run. I’ll leave you with pictures of some scentsy presents Dan and I recently received. They rock, I love them!

Welcome to the 21st Century.

Horribly embarrassing bit of information. Today my phone contract is up. I went to verizon wireless online to pick out a refurbished phone (keeping my promise) and I found what I thought was perfect. I called the customer service number to ask about data packages and to maybe order the “phone”. The man on the other side started talking about his device. So I retorted rather excitedly “Oh great! So you have this phone too?” I felt rather like an idiot when he had to tell me it wasn’t, in fact, a phone and something else….I’m still not even sure what exactly it is?

On a complete side note I cannot believe how expensive data packages are for verizon. AND they aren’t even unlimited! I have always been a loyal verizon customer, but I am seriously considering switching to something else…paying 140 dollars a month for two phones, 700 minutes and no data packages is outrageous!

Ok. Now for the good stuff. I have been working on something fun for a guest book that involves a TON of fabric cutting (I will fill everyone in after it is finished). Dan was there for moral support for every measure and cut.

We rolled around in the hay grass a couple of days ago while at a benefit. We had to wait around for a half hour so Ryan could win his 20 dollar flashlight he bid on in a silent auction. We made good use of the time…

Hope everyone had a fantastic weekend. I have a very cranky baby to tend to. Cheers!

Making Good

The last few days have been a crazy blur. Between going to the park, playing with the kitties, riding bike, sewing projects, chocolate ice cream…I can barely see straight.

We don’t have a bike trailer for Daniel yet so Ryan wears him on his back when we ride bike. It is almost as funny as Ryan wearing a red shirt with red shorts.

We had a chance to briefly visit a park this week. I got a second to work on some pictures with my newer camera. We played in the grass because Dan doesn’t fully appreciate the adrenaline rush attained from swinging.

(I love how this picture has the grass in focus while Dan drools in the background)

(Ryan took this picture…obviously I suppose)


Taming the kitties:

This picture is so funny it’s like the kittens are thinking “HELPS US!”



DTM has also been doing an awesome job at holding his own bottle. About half the time I can lay him down for a nap with a bottle and he will hold it till he falls asleep like a big boy!

Unfortunately these next pictures are more focused on Dan’s toys than they are of him, but they’re still cute so here they are…

And some of you will be happy to know I am making good on my “no new stuff” promise. It has been horribly hard not to buy a new camera bag. I decided to make one instead… It only cost me about 21 dollars for the material…and it doesn’t bother me one bit that it resembles a diaper bag. (The pattern was on sale for 75 cents. I couldn’t resist).

I even made little compartments for camera stuff and a hard storage area for the actual camera. I’d say it turned out pretty decent.

I hope everyone is having a great weekend!