Making Good

The last few days have been a crazy blur. Between going to the park, playing with the kitties, riding bike, sewing projects, chocolate ice cream…I can barely see straight.

We don’t have a bike trailer for Daniel yet so Ryan wears him on his back when we ride bike. It is almost as funny as Ryan wearing a red shirt with red shorts.

We had a chance to briefly visit a park this week. I got a second to work on some pictures with my newer camera. We played in the grass because Dan doesn’t fully appreciate the adrenaline rush attained from swinging.

(I love how this picture has the grass in focus while Dan drools in the background)

(Ryan took this picture…obviously I suppose)


Taming the kitties:

This picture is so funny it’s like the kittens are thinking “HELPS US!”



DTM has also been doing an awesome job at holding his own bottle. About half the time I can lay him down for a nap with a bottle and he will hold it till he falls asleep like a big boy!

Unfortunately these next pictures are more focused on Dan’s toys than they are of him, but they’re still cute so here they are…

And some of you will be happy to know I am making good on my “no new stuff” promise. It has been horribly hard not to buy a new camera bag. I decided to make one instead… It only cost me about 21 dollars for the material…and it doesn’t bother me one bit that it resembles a diaper bag. (The pattern was on sale for 75 cents. I couldn’t resist).

I even made little compartments for camera stuff and a hard storage area for the actual camera. I’d say it turned out pretty decent.

I hope everyone is having a great weekend!



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