Welcome to the 21st Century.

Horribly embarrassing bit of information. Today my phone contract is up. I went to verizon wireless online to pick out a refurbished phone (keeping my promise) and I found what I thought was perfect. I called the customer service number to ask about data packages and to maybe order the “phone”. The man on the other side started talking about his device. So I retorted rather excitedly “Oh great! So you have this phone too?” I felt rather like an idiot when he had to tell me it wasn’t, in fact, a phone and something else….I’m still not even sure what exactly it is?

On a complete side note I cannot believe how expensive data packages are for verizon. AND they aren’t even unlimited! I have always been a loyal verizon customer, but I am seriously considering switching to something else…paying 140 dollars a month for two phones, 700 minutes and no data packages is outrageous!

Ok. Now for the good stuff. I have been working on something fun for a guest book that involves a TON of fabric cutting (I will fill everyone in after it is finished). Dan was there for moral support for every measure and cut.

We rolled around in the hay grass a couple of days ago while at a benefit. We had to wait around for a half hour so Ryan could win his 20 dollar flashlight he bid on in a silent auction. We made good use of the time…

Hope everyone had a fantastic weekend. I have a very cranky baby to tend to. Cheers!


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