Homeward Bound.

After spending a few days in Duluth it feels really great to see Daniel again! I missed him the whole time. We started our trip by stopping in Alexandria to visit a local winery. It was perfect outside. We sat on the winery terrace and listened to live music while we shared a bottle of wine. The smells (along with the wine) was intoxicating. I had almost forgotten what real trees smell like.

The VERY young lady (11 years old I think) that sang for us was a Ms. Josie Nelson. She has more talent in her pinky than I have in my whole body…it’s pretty sickening. She even writes her own songs. Here is a sample of what she sang. She has a youtube account, so check her out!

This darn post wont embed the video…after a few tries and many choice words I have given up.
While in Duluth we got to do some shopping in Canal Park. Of course we picked up some coffee before wandering down the streets. I started laughing when I was looking through the pictures and I noticed the sign saying “no food, no drink” behind Ryan. No wonder I was getting crazy looks from the employees in the store…

One more Canal Park picture…

Taking a trip on North Shore Scenic Railroad…waiting for our train to come in.

Our conductor was this cute older man who didn’t speak at all. I found myself sneaking pictures of him during the trip…I pretended to be fiddling with the camera and when he wasn’t looking I turned into a complete paparazzi.


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