The Moment I’ve Been Waiting For…

Literally just about an hour ago, Daniel and I went outside for a stroll to pick some stuff from the garden and feed the goats (which was not accomplished due to the oversized snakes scaling the barn wall…as usual). Daniel always gets a little drowsy when you walk around with him strapped to your back. After heading inside I plopped DTM on the couch and went to the bathroom and picked up my coffee from the kitchen table. By the time I came back to the livingroom this is what I had missed…

The pictures aren’t the best. I was trying to work as fast and quiet as possible.

Yesterday we enjoyed the B-E-A-utiful weather by going to the park with some family after church.

(my grandma is going to kill me if she sees this picture!)

And my little man…still not enthused to swing.

Ok friends. I better run. The cats are jumping on the keyboard, Daniels in the corner whining, dishes need to be loaded along with laundry to be switched… Hope everyone is having a terrific holiday. I will load some more Duluth photos tonight (I noticed my last post got cut off about half way through…darn wordpress!)


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