Ah, Fall…Finally!

Two days ago we welcomed a new couple on the farm. We are pleased to introduce Johnny and Tracy. They are miniature donkeys. These two sweethearts are lovers…not to each other, of course. They are brothers. Gross.

They cried for attention when we were working in the garden digging up potatoes… which is my new favorite pastime by the way. It’s so fun digging in the dirt not really knowing exactly where there might be some buried treasures. You have to be extra careful not to stab the shovel into the goods so you have to strategically dig. I know it’s lame.

Daniel rolled around in the grass while dad and I did surgery on the garden to remove the potatoes.


Within the last few days there have been a violent shift in weather. We went from 86 one day to 57 the next. I hope old lady fall decides to stick around. We are definitely ready for sweats, hot chocolate, comfort food, and electric blankets in this house.

Last night I made home-made pretzels for supper. DTM even decided he wanted to try one. It was his first solid food. Not that he technically ate it. He more slobbered on it, poked it and lost interest in it.

Yes I realize these pictures are terrible..and yes, please do sign me up for mother of the year. I did notice Dan has applesauce down his shirt, sleep in his eyes, and freakishly long finger nails. (No worries. They were trimmed this morning.)

Until about ten minutes ago, Daniel was engaged in mid-morning nap. Something we have not had the liberty to enjoy in that last few weeks. He got so comfy with his bottle all wrapped up in the electric blanket he dozed off. Which was both nice and not-so nice for me. Everyone loves a sleeping baby, but he was hogging the blanket. I fortunately fanaggled a corner without waking him up. (Seriously folks. It is freezing in this house. Last time I checked it was 60 degrees. This makes it hard for a cold-blooded momma and a baby who despises socks.)


One last tidbit of information. Dan is now pulling himself up to stand in his crib! Very exciting, I know. It will be even more exciting when he knows how to scoot over to the edge and do it without being encouraged.

What happens when he forgets to hang on to the rail…

Have a great day friends!


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