These Boots.

Tuesday night called for a celebration. Every once in a great while we get all the ladies from work together for a wine night. We call it a “Shady Ladies” night….not, in fact, because we are shady (99 percent of us are married with children, or have children, or are just married), but because the supper club we work at is called Shady Beach.

Alex is going to be mad when she sees these pictures, but oh well… (she and her mom, Terri, had to come after an exercise class).

As we were all drinking our Chardonnay, Mascato, Shiraz, and Riesling we got on the topic of farming. Everyone is still baffled I ended up on the farm, and even more perplexed that I actually help out with some projects. (Just as a side note- I never have actually put the milkers on a cow. When I go to help Ryan I am the utter dipper and cow pusher…for a lack of better words).

The honest to goodness truth in how I am able to do it….is  my boots! For some reason when I put those suckers on I feel like I could tackle anything. I’m not afraid of a little poop, or walking through the yard and stepping on a toad or a snake. They give me my farmhand superpowers.

Dan and I went to pick eggs this morning from the chickens. One of them was especially friendly.

Daniel was very proud of his egg.

DTM has been getting reacquainted with his bouncer lately. He used to absolutely despise it. Now he doesn’t seem to mind it so much in moderation…he even fell asleep in it one day.


Dan has also been working hard at standing on more non-mobile objects. He is up to the bathtub, couch, dishwasher door when down, boxes, and a couple other choice objects.


Favorite newest “used” find… I found this little pumpkin thing.. I don’t even know what it’s meant for but I put a tea light in there and I love it! I light it every night. I’m going through candles like crazy.

Better get going. I smell a very stinky diaper on the run!


4 thoughts on “These Boots.

  1. Whitney,
    I love your blog! You are funny and witty and your pictures are beautiful. You fill all your ‘boots’ – mom, wife, farmhand – beautifully!

    SMSU – Manchester Hall

  2. Whitney,

    Super cute pictures! And I agree with Anna completely. I think the cross bone pj’s complete the ensemble. How’s everything going?

    Love you bunches,

    P.S. When are you bringing DTM to the zoo so I can meet him?

  3. Whitney,
    Super cute pictures, I love your boots. Yes, there is something about wearing boots you feel like you can do anything.
    Love ya!

  4. You ladies are awesome! Lol. Oh those pants. I took more pictures with the pants but from far away the pants and boots together make me look like a pirate…so I didn’t put them in this post. 😀

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