Travels and Tribulations

First I must start off by addressing a slight error in my last post. After publishing my last post Ryan and I were sitting at the table eating breakfast and he said, “you know you spelled udder wrong.” And I responded, “yeah I did that on purpose, it’s a pun…it’s supposed to be funny.”

We ended the conversation with one word. Ryan saying “oh”. Now that I look back on the post, it makes no sense at all. I mean it was hilarious in my head, but somehow the thought got lost somewhere between my brain in my fingertips. So sorry. Obviously I am no good at being funny on command at 7 a.m….ok moving on!

On Thursday the three of us made a trip down to Sioux Falls, SD to get a tux fitted for Ryan. He’s going to be in a friends wedding in a couple weeks. It was a perfect fall day. The drive down was beautiful…

That is until I looked in the mirror to put on some makeup…

HOLY CRIPES! I look like Groucho Marx…seriously I must not have looked in the mirror for a week not to notice those bad boys! It was a great way to start the trip. (Honestly, they didn’t look that bad after some strategically placed eyeshadow).

After spending some time in the fabric store and Sam’s Club we got to meet up with Ashley and Nate for dinner and a drink. Dan spent some time giving baby Peters a pep talk and watching the planes soar by right outside the window.

DTM didn’t know what to think about his uncle Nate that day. He was not a fan of his perpetual pensiveness.

After the very long day of crabby babies, crabby dads, horrible service and the worst glass of Port I have ever had (See picture below. courtesy of Ryan. I do see those crows feet. I will be scheduling a Botox appointment next week! Notice eyebrows sans makeup were much worse.) it was good to be headed home…until I had to drive, of course.


Last night we had a surprise party for my friend Nicole. It was an intimates party. We had a blast, it’s a shame we didn’t have more time to mess around and be silly women.

This was the most fun I have ever had watching someone else open presents. There were a couple of roudy parties in the same room as us that would hoot and holler, applaud and comment on everything Nicole opened.

After seeing everything this girl got, I know her husband will be a very happy man.

It was a great time. Good friends, good food, good service. Thank you Shady Beach Supper Club!

The ultimate party pooper…Literally. This poor little dolly had some problems that night.

A few days ago I found this genius idea on making apples into candles. It looks awesome and it was so easy! Just one more thing to do with all those apples from our tree.

 Ok off to do something productive…


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