Tid Bit.

This morning’s post is going to be short and sweet. It has been a very crazy week with lots of work and little time for play…and who even wants to hear about work anyway? I was even forced to bring Dan to work with me the days I was filling in. These days aren’t fun for anyone involved.

Yesterday we spent a little bit of time outside with the kitties before heading over to feed the baby cows for Raeann…who is on vacation and can come back anytime now!

And up at the barn….

I will end this post with some DTM bed head. Stay tuned this week. I will be posting some never-before-seen pictures of Dan everyday in celebration of his birthday next Saturday! Also, keep an eye on some giveaways coming up. I am getting some local and national sponsors together and any new subscriber starting now will be automatically entered, as well as those who comment on the post featuring the item being given away (I will let you know when to comment so there won’t be any mass confusion).

Till tomorrow…



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