Picture Week-Day 1

I will start this week off with pictures from Dan’s birth (don’t worry they weren’t taken “during” his birth), a natural place to start I figured. Since I didn’t have this site back then, it will be easy picking ones no one has seen before… here we go. Keep in mind I wasn’t the one taking these. I was still getting sewed back together.

Being I had a c-section and Daniel was shipped off to the NICU right away, I only got to see him for a few seconds that first hour. However; I remember his delivery perfectly.

There were about twelve people in the room waiting for Dan’s arrival. There were two nurses, three anesthesiologists, a nurse from the NICU, a cardiologist, my doctor, the physician assistant, Ryan, me…and that is just the people I remember.

I told the Dr. I didn’t want to know what was going on, so they thankfully didn’t tell me. Apparently they don’t let the dad come into the room until they are close to getting the baby out. Well, one of the nurses went to get Ryan and he had wandered off, of course. He did make it time. I still have no idea where he went or who found him.

After he was let into the room he was not doing a spectacular job comforting me. He was standing right next to the Dr. speculating which organs were which. It totally freaked me out. I yelled at him and told him to come and sit next to my somewhat more attractive end.

He sat down and got right in my business (in my face…in other terminology) “Honey are you ok? Can you feel anything? Do you know what they’re doing?” That scared me and frankly annoyed me even more so I told him to stand up and watch again.

A lot of tugging later my doctor said, “Wow…he’s so far down your birth canal! How long were you in labor?!” (It was quite awhile for anyone wondering. Probably 15 hours, or so. I just didn’t know that’s what it was for a long time.) 

Finally the stinker was out. Then someone exclaimed, “He has long blonde hair!” I thought “what?”. I was thinking he was going to look like Ryan… Total side note.

In the hospital we were at there is a camera set up where the babies get cleaned off and a huge monitor by the mom so you can watch the baby. The nurse who was holding him took his limp little arm and waved at the camera while saying “hi, mom.” I will never forget this moment. He didn’t cry once, and he more than slightly resembled ET.

Knowing that I wasn’t the first person to hold him, or feed him, or see him would upset me if Ryan wasn’t such a good father.

My friend Chelsea who was there shortly after the dilivery later told me that Ryan said it was the best day of his life. I don’t know if he knows that I heard about this, or if he even remembers saying it, but it’s something I will always remember.

I will end this post by saying everyone in the hospital ADORED having Dan around. Especially the cafeteria lady. There is just something about being around Daniel that changes you. It makes you want to be a more loving, patient, caring person. His blind love is inspiring.


One thought on “Picture Week-Day 1

  1. ” There is just something about being around Daniel that changes you. It makes you want to be a more loving, patient, caring person. His blind love is inspiring.”

    I could NOT agree more.

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