Picture Week-Day 3

As the week presses on I find myself frantic thinking of things I need to get done for Dan’s birthday party on Sunday. I think I am most stressed out about trying to coordinate things to fit the monster theme DTM and I decided on. I find myself stressing out as I google “monster themed parties” looking for last-minute things I can incorporate. After about a half an hour of this my brain get’s overloaded with ideas and possibilities and I need a distraction. Earlier this morning I took a break to go comb out Ed and Tracy (the donkeys) and baked some homemade bread. This will be my third distraction and excuse for further procrastination.

These next pictures are of a trip my mom, brother, and nephew took with Daniel and me to North Dakota to watch my sister start off her last year of college basketball.

(I can’t get over how skinny Dan’s legs used to be!)

It is hard to believe there was a time when naps with dad and siestas in a bouncy chair were often.

I will leave you with a couple of pictures from when Daniel first started to smile…it’s more of a smirk really.


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