We Need a Libation/Picture Week Cont…

This unseasonably warm weather and lack of rain have really dried things out around this part of the world. The ground is thirsty and I say to the sky, “give it something to drink!” The warm breeze blows through the dried pine needles on the parched trees. It seems unnatural seeing the fall colors this way.

Ryan has taken full advantage of this dry, warm weather by cutting trees down around the house and chopping up the wood up for future fires. There are trees scattered all over the yard.

It almost didn’t seem right making Dan’s Halloween costume today with the 86 degree weather, but I was anxious to cross that project off my list. The results were remarkable. It turned out so well I decided I wouldn’t mind doing a couple more for anyone interested. If anyone would like one they can order HERE.

To continue with our picture week I will get started now.

I will end this post with a video from when Dan first started to laugh. He’s a funny guy. The first time he laughed it was a BIG laugh…not like a little giggle like you would expect a first laugh to be like, but one that comes from deep within your soul and the bottom of your stomach. One that sends you into convulsions. It happened when I was wiping underneath his chin with a baby wipe. Ever since that day in January the laughter hasn’t stopped.


4 thoughts on “We Need a Libation/Picture Week Cont…

  1. Very cute Whitney! You did a great job. I love the pictures you have been posting. Daniel is such a sweet and happy looking baby! Wishing him a happy birthday…don’t you have one coming up this month too? His arrival must have been a great birthday present for you! : )

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