Crafty vs. Ghetto

This morning I spent some time (while at work) putting together a pair of repurposed slippers. As I sat at the desk I listened to all the kids walk by on their way to the pizza place across the street. (I had no idea they were children until I looked out the window. They sounded more like small dogs fighting.)

This cloudy weather is perfect for sipping on a mocha while forcing your achy fingers to sew a pair of slippers to a pair of sandals…. That’s right. That was my project today. While at our towns new vintage store I spotted a pair of old slippers I HAD TO have. I shouldn’t say old. I don’t think they were ever worn. Anyway. I saw them and said to my friend Alex, “I would love to have these…I wish they were flats so I could wear them everywhere.” Then Alex had the genius idea of “just sew some old flip-flops on the bottom.” So. That is exactly what I did. I took these:

And these:
(a pair of CHEAP sandals I purchased from rue 21 a few years ago and never once wore.)

Along with this:

And turned them into an outdoor-friendly pair of flats!

Total cost….$3 and a couple hours of spare time. Crafty or ghetto? I’ll let you decide. Excuse the fuzz. I had the slippers in a bag with some flannel fabric and I still need to wash them.

Of course today is also Dan’s first birthday! I cannot believe it! The poor monster was NOT in the birthday spirit. We had a rough night/morning battling some teeth.
I tried to help him start his day off right with letting him indulge in his favorite pastimes. (Baths and SpongeBob Squarepants).

Sorry I haven’t been keeping up on the “Picture Week”. I actually ran out of pictures! I didn’t take a whole lot of pictures before I got my new camera. Don’t worry there will be plenty of pictures Monday from DTM’s birthday party and more.

Have a blessed weekend.


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