Crafting Confusion.

That last couple days have been “messy” if I had to assign a word to it. Not messy in the sense of dirt and scattered clothes, but messy in a way that scrambles your brain and gives you a hasty procrastination feeling.

Yesterday I found myself desperate to create. Unfortunately it is hard for me to feel at ease while I’m crafting if there are things in my mind I “should” be doing; such as, sweeping and mopping the kitchen, vacuuming the living room, making beds… the list is really endless. So, I found myself eating chips and salsa feverishly while Dan and I watched a Disney movie confused as to what I should do next.

Dan’s birthday party was the start to a brainless couple days. I had forgotten half the things I had made for the monster theme. The “monster” theme didn’t quite work when the only things that fit were some monster party favors, monster shaped rice crispies, and a monster onesie for DTM. To top that off I had forgotten the SD card for my camera so the “many pictures” I promised is actually a couple of Daniel opening presents at home. Oops.

(Dan always makes a run for the door every time it’s opened. However, he was willing to only sit and not go through the door if he was able to rummage through his presents while the beautiful blue light streamed through.)

Off for more creating. I will leave you to have a lovely Tuesday and will be back in a day, or so after I finish up a couple of etsy costumes that need to be shipped.



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