My Apologies

It has been a little over four months since I started this blog. I am seriously struggling to find my niche. There is just so much going on and so little worth mentioning, it is hard to find reasonable subject matter.

I have been re-reading a book by Stephen King called On Writing. Not so much for his advice “on writing” but because the first half of the book is a memoir. His writing is fabulous and his stories are hilarious. They range from having a rash for 6 weeks from wiping his butt with poison ivy after pooping in the woods to being rejected by many magazines before selling his first short story for a little over 60 dollars. This book is really inspiring. It has really made me think about which direction I want to go with this blog….I’m still figuring it out. I am telling you this because I feel I need to explain myself for the absent posts from the last week.

I have also not posted because I have been a slave to my etsy store. Halloween is not a fun time.

Daniel has also not been having a fun week. His mean mommy has been making him use his walker that he despises. He has taken about two steps backwards in the whole walking business ever since he started crawling exceptionally well. (Pun intended).

This Sunday I have also had the opportunity to be with Nate and Ashley after having their baby Henry. I have to say he is one of the most beautiful babies….I know I’m a little bias, but I still think it’s true.

Nate watched proudly as poor little Henry got poked and tortured by the nurse.

The surgeon checking out his work…..
The rest of the pictures are the grandmas and grandpas soaking in the baby love.

Poor Nate was forced to squeeze into scrubs that were apparently not made for people 6’5″ and over.

Until next time!


Crafting Confusion.

That last couple days have been “messy” if I had to assign a word to it. Not messy in the sense of dirt and scattered clothes, but messy in a way that scrambles your brain and gives you a hasty procrastination feeling.

Yesterday I found myself desperate to create. Unfortunately it is hard for me to feel at ease while I’m crafting if there are things in my mind I “should” be doing; such as, sweeping and mopping the kitchen, vacuuming the living room, making beds… the list is really endless. So, I found myself eating chips and salsa feverishly while Dan and I watched a Disney movie confused as to what I should do next.

Dan’s birthday party was the start to a brainless couple days. I had forgotten half the things I had made for the monster theme. The “monster” theme didn’t quite work when the only things that fit were some monster party favors, monster shaped rice crispies, and a monster onesie for DTM. To top that off I had forgotten the SD card for my camera so the “many pictures” I promised is actually a couple of Daniel opening presents at home. Oops.

(Dan always makes a run for the door every time it’s opened. However, he was willing to only sit and not go through the door if he was able to rummage through his presents while the beautiful blue light streamed through.)

Off for more creating. I will leave you to have a lovely Tuesday and will be back in a day, or so after I finish up a couple of etsy costumes that need to be shipped.


Crafty vs. Ghetto

This morning I spent some time (while at work) putting together a pair of repurposed slippers. As I sat at the desk I listened to all the kids walk by on their way to the pizza place across the street. (I had no idea they were children until I looked out the window. They sounded more like small dogs fighting.)

This cloudy weather is perfect for sipping on a mocha while forcing your achy fingers to sew a pair of slippers to a pair of sandals…. That’s right. That was my project today. While at our towns new vintage store I spotted a pair of old slippers I HAD TO have. I shouldn’t say old. I don’t think they were ever worn. Anyway. I saw them and said to my friend Alex, “I would love to have these…I wish they were flats so I could wear them everywhere.” Then Alex had the genius idea of “just sew some old flip-flops on the bottom.” So. That is exactly what I did. I took these:

And these:
(a pair of CHEAP sandals I purchased from rue 21 a few years ago and never once wore.)

Along with this:

And turned them into an outdoor-friendly pair of flats!

Total cost….$3 and a couple hours of spare time. Crafty or ghetto? I’ll let you decide. Excuse the fuzz. I had the slippers in a bag with some flannel fabric and I still need to wash them.

Of course today is also Dan’s first birthday! I cannot believe it! The poor monster was NOT in the birthday spirit. We had a rough night/morning battling some teeth.
I tried to help him start his day off right with letting him indulge in his favorite pastimes. (Baths and SpongeBob Squarepants).

Sorry I haven’t been keeping up on the “Picture Week”. I actually ran out of pictures! I didn’t take a whole lot of pictures before I got my new camera. Don’t worry there will be plenty of pictures Monday from DTM’s birthday party and more.

Have a blessed weekend.

We Need a Libation/Picture Week Cont…

This unseasonably warm weather and lack of rain have really dried things out around this part of the world. The ground is thirsty and I say to the sky, “give it something to drink!” The warm breeze blows through the dried pine needles on the parched trees. It seems unnatural seeing the fall colors this way.

Ryan has taken full advantage of this dry, warm weather by cutting trees down around the house and chopping up the wood up for future fires. There are trees scattered all over the yard.

It almost didn’t seem right making Dan’s Halloween costume today with the 86 degree weather, but I was anxious to cross that project off my list. The results were remarkable. It turned out so well I decided I wouldn’t mind doing a couple more for anyone interested. If anyone would like one they can order HERE.

To continue with our picture week I will get started now.

I will end this post with a video from when Dan first started to laugh. He’s a funny guy. The first time he laughed it was a BIG laugh…not like a little giggle like you would expect a first laugh to be like, but one that comes from deep within your soul and the bottom of your stomach. One that sends you into convulsions. It happened when I was wiping underneath his chin with a baby wipe. Ever since that day in January the laughter hasn’t stopped.

Picture Week-Day 3

As the week presses on I find myself frantic thinking of things I need to get done for Dan’s birthday party on Sunday. I think I am most stressed out about trying to coordinate things to fit the monster theme DTM and I decided on. I find myself stressing out as I google “monster themed parties” looking for last-minute things I can incorporate. After about a half an hour of this my brain get’s overloaded with ideas and possibilities and I need a distraction. Earlier this morning I took a break to go comb out Ed and Tracy (the donkeys) and baked some homemade bread. This will be my third distraction and excuse for further procrastination.

These next pictures are of a trip my mom, brother, and nephew took with Daniel and me to North Dakota to watch my sister start off her last year of college basketball.

(I can’t get over how skinny Dan’s legs used to be!)

It is hard to believe there was a time when naps with dad and siestas in a bouncy chair were often.

I will leave you with a couple of pictures from when Daniel first started to smile…it’s more of a smirk really.

Picture Week-Day 1

I will start this week off with pictures from Dan’s birth (don’t worry they weren’t taken “during” his birth), a natural place to start I figured. Since I didn’t have this site back then, it will be easy picking ones no one has seen before… here we go. Keep in mind I wasn’t the one taking these. I was still getting sewed back together.

Being I had a c-section and Daniel was shipped off to the NICU right away, I only got to see him for a few seconds that first hour. However; I remember his delivery perfectly.

There were about twelve people in the room waiting for Dan’s arrival. There were two nurses, three anesthesiologists, a nurse from the NICU, a cardiologist, my doctor, the physician assistant, Ryan, me…and that is just the people I remember.

I told the Dr. I didn’t want to know what was going on, so they thankfully didn’t tell me. Apparently they don’t let the dad come into the room until they are close to getting the baby out. Well, one of the nurses went to get Ryan and he had wandered off, of course. He did make it time. I still have no idea where he went or who found him.

After he was let into the room he was not doing a spectacular job comforting me. He was standing right next to the Dr. speculating which organs were which. It totally freaked me out. I yelled at him and told him to come and sit next to my somewhat more attractive end.

He sat down and got right in my business (in my face…in other terminology) “Honey are you ok? Can you feel anything? Do you know what they’re doing?” That scared me and frankly annoyed me even more so I told him to stand up and watch again.

A lot of tugging later my doctor said, “Wow…he’s so far down your birth canal! How long were you in labor?!” (It was quite awhile for anyone wondering. Probably 15 hours, or so. I just didn’t know that’s what it was for a long time.) 

Finally the stinker was out. Then someone exclaimed, “He has long blonde hair!” I thought “what?”. I was thinking he was going to look like Ryan… Total side note.

In the hospital we were at there is a camera set up where the babies get cleaned off and a huge monitor by the mom so you can watch the baby. The nurse who was holding him took his limp little arm and waved at the camera while saying “hi, mom.” I will never forget this moment. He didn’t cry once, and he more than slightly resembled ET.

Knowing that I wasn’t the first person to hold him, or feed him, or see him would upset me if Ryan wasn’t such a good father.

My friend Chelsea who was there shortly after the dilivery later told me that Ryan said it was the best day of his life. I don’t know if he knows that I heard about this, or if he even remembers saying it, but it’s something I will always remember.

I will end this post by saying everyone in the hospital ADORED having Dan around. Especially the cafeteria lady. There is just something about being around Daniel that changes you. It makes you want to be a more loving, patient, caring person. His blind love is inspiring.

Tid Bit.

This morning’s post is going to be short and sweet. It has been a very crazy week with lots of work and little time for play…and who even wants to hear about work anyway? I was even forced to bring Dan to work with me the days I was filling in. These days aren’t fun for anyone involved.

Yesterday we spent a little bit of time outside with the kitties before heading over to feed the baby cows for Raeann…who is on vacation and can come back anytime now!

And up at the barn….

I will end this post with some DTM bed head. Stay tuned this week. I will be posting some never-before-seen pictures of Dan everyday in celebration of his birthday next Saturday! Also, keep an eye on some giveaways coming up. I am getting some local and national sponsors together and any new subscriber starting now will be automatically entered, as well as those who comment on the post featuring the item being given away (I will let you know when to comment so there won’t be any mass confusion).

Till tomorrow…


Travels and Tribulations

First I must start off by addressing a slight error in my last post. After publishing my last post Ryan and I were sitting at the table eating breakfast and he said, “you know you spelled udder wrong.” And I responded, “yeah I did that on purpose, it’s a pun…it’s supposed to be funny.”

We ended the conversation with one word. Ryan saying “oh”. Now that I look back on the post, it makes no sense at all. I mean it was hilarious in my head, but somehow the thought got lost somewhere between my brain in my fingertips. So sorry. Obviously I am no good at being funny on command at 7 a.m….ok moving on!

On Thursday the three of us made a trip down to Sioux Falls, SD to get a tux fitted for Ryan. He’s going to be in a friends wedding in a couple weeks. It was a perfect fall day. The drive down was beautiful…

That is until I looked in the mirror to put on some makeup…

HOLY CRIPES! I look like Groucho Marx…seriously I must not have looked in the mirror for a week not to notice those bad boys! It was a great way to start the trip. (Honestly, they didn’t look that bad after some strategically placed eyeshadow).

After spending some time in the fabric store and Sam’s Club we got to meet up with Ashley and Nate for dinner and a drink. Dan spent some time giving baby Peters a pep talk and watching the planes soar by right outside the window.

DTM didn’t know what to think about his uncle Nate that day. He was not a fan of his perpetual pensiveness.

After the very long day of crabby babies, crabby dads, horrible service and the worst glass of Port I have ever had (See picture below. courtesy of Ryan. I do see those crows feet. I will be scheduling a Botox appointment next week! Notice eyebrows sans makeup were much worse.) it was good to be headed home…until I had to drive, of course.


Last night we had a surprise party for my friend Nicole. It was an intimates party. We had a blast, it’s a shame we didn’t have more time to mess around and be silly women.

This was the most fun I have ever had watching someone else open presents. There were a couple of roudy parties in the same room as us that would hoot and holler, applaud and comment on everything Nicole opened.

After seeing everything this girl got, I know her husband will be a very happy man.

It was a great time. Good friends, good food, good service. Thank you Shady Beach Supper Club!

The ultimate party pooper…Literally. This poor little dolly had some problems that night.

A few days ago I found this genius idea on making apples into candles. It looks awesome and it was so easy! Just one more thing to do with all those apples from our tree.

 Ok off to do something productive…